Strategy in Uncertain Times_

Design YOUR Future: online course for leaders on how to adapt their strategy to unstable future scenarios.



_Are you keeping up with change?

The what’s_next? series represents a new online format of events dedicated to executives who are looking for the tools needed to envision the post-pandemic business world, for the leaders who want to learn how to hack uncertainty.

We will focus on different topics related to innovation, all relevant during the current crisis: from business modelling to AI, from energy and climate change to healthcare and food innovation

Under the guidance of expert facilitators, attendees will work in groups during the hands-on sessions to complete specific assignments meant to teach them how to think about the future and deal with the uncertain present.

Faculty & experts_

Guided by the first-class facilitators, with the knowledge of Singularity University faculty and Talent Garden experts, each program will tackle a specific challenge that today’s businesses need to address to survive the present, harness the unknown and thrive in uncertain times.

Episode #2
Strategy in Uncertain Times_

The Strategy in Uncertain Times Workshop is designed for individuals and teams, leaders who want to learn how to adapt their strategy to unstable future scenarios.

We will work with tools and methodologies that help you to translate any idea about the future into something you can start activating in your organization today. We use the theory of the “Cone of Possibility” in our work with organizations to identify that possibilities in the future are determined by their past and present: during the program, we start from the future and work our way back, taking into consideration your past (heritage and company DNA) and your present situation (skills, capabilities and resources).

By doing so, you will see that there’s only a cone of possibility that you can transform into. Using Scenario Thinking, we can help you design this space of possibilities for the future of your organization in order for you to react now and adapt your business strategy to the possible challenges of an uncertain and unstable future.




SEPT 15 | OCT 06 | OCT 13

Every tuesday for three weeks…



…and organized in half-days to meet your quarantine at home workload and needs!



All modules will be held online, organized in full class, team sessions and BYOC (“bring your own coffee) networking moments. Participate comfortably from your at-home desk!

Minkowski: agency for applied futures

Strategy in Uncertain Times is organized in collaboration with Minkowski. Our leading facilitators, Jörgen van der Sloot and Alexandre Janssen, are well trained professionals in applied futures. They have been facilitating sessions for years and are experienced enough to deal with complex situations in settings from boardroom to classroom. 

About Minkowski_

We give agency to people in organizations so they can make history by changing the future. We facilitate, train and enable organizations to transform. Using our applied futures approach we map the possibilities in your future and translate those into action, so you can start building a better business today.

Expected outcomes_

At the workshop you will:


Learn from Minkowski experts: Minkowski is a collective of people that facilitate change for individuals and organizations world wide, well trained professionals in applied futures.


Work in groups on the collaborative tools, following the newly-explained methodologies and reasoning tools for strategic planning.


E-meet and learn directly from Minkowski experts, as well as fellow participants during the BYOC networking breaks.


Get a new mindset around Scenario Thinking and Planning for business strategy definition.

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single participation_

1 attendee
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  • Pre workshop digital package
  • 3 mornings with fully dedicated facilitators & top experts
  • workshop materials
  • slides & recordings

group participation_

5 attendees
00 + VAT
  • Pre workshop digital package
  • 3 mornings with fully dedicated facilitators & top experts
  • workshop materials
  • slides & recordings
  • PRIVATE LAB: work in a private group during the hands-on session. contact us to get this offer!

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